Language courses

French, English and Spanish

For all levels:

  • For individuals or groups;
  • For businesses, professionals, children and adolescents, adults and immigrants;
  • Adapted to your schedule (schedule to be discussed and agreed before the start of the course);
  • Flexible format available upon request;
  • Adapted to your needs, your rhythm, and your interests. The courses are tailor-made for you!
  • Remote training via Zoom.

Courses types

Individual course (tailor-made)

  • Time slot according to the student’s schedule;
  • Student follow-up;
  • Individual student profile;
  • Courses based on the interests, needs and objectives of the student.

Group course (tailor-made)

  • Time slot according the group’s schedule;
  • Student follow-up;
  • Individual student profile;
  • Courses based on the interests, needs and objectives of the students.

Group conversation course

  • Individual placement according to the student’s level (beginner, intermediate, advanced);
  • Several time slots available per level;
  • Students choose the schedule that suits them best each week;
  • Course registration possible up to 5 minutes before the start of the course;
  • Focus on conversation with language workshops depending on the level.



You can count on our rigor and professionalism to complete your projects within the time frame of your choice!

Do you need a text in French, English or Spanish for a contract, an advertisement, or any other project? We are here for you!
Do you have a contract, a university thesis, or a novel- that you’ve written, and you need a professional to make sure there are no typos left? Depending on your needs, we can proofread your texts, comment, and even make content-related suggestions!
Do you need a professional or certified translation? Our professional and certified translators will be happy to deliver an exceptional service adapted to your needs.
We also offer other services such as trilingual secretarial services, transcription, language activities for daycare, primary and secondary schools, high schools and businesses. If you have a language need, whatever the project, talk to us so that we can offer you solutions!

Did you know that several grants are available for language courses?

If you meet the criteria, up to the 100% of the course fees could be subsidized by the government, specially if they are taken for work! It is also a tax-deductible expense for businesses.

Children’s language courses are also tax-deductible.

Write to us to find out more!

The method


Lessons are one hour long, and they go by at lightning speed thanks to the dynamism and efficiency of the teachers as well as a host of diversified activities planned for the students. In addition, the courses include a dynamic course follow-up with the content studied as well as additional exercises related to the subject.


There is no pre-prepared curriculum or manual. Classes are created week after week for the learner according to their difficulties, needs and interests. In addition, fun and interesting activities are the norm in our courses, so the student is always motivated to learn!


The spiral curriculum is effective, diverse, and far from boring! To ensure constant and rapid progress, the same content is reviewed and then made more complex as the learning progresses. New theories, activities and themes are constantly being added to the curriculum, while consolidating previous learning to create an ever-stronger foundation. The studied knowledge then becomes acquired knowledge that the learner uses in an increasingly precise and natural way!

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